Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dynamics CRM 4.0 Quick Reference

When I've been in CRM design meetings, writing code, working with a new client, or helping someone ramp-up on CRM 4.0, I always thought it would be helpful to have a "CRM 4.0 Quick Reference" handy. I've had to rely on the reference between my ears, which isn't always reliable.

So I got up early a few days last week and put one together.

Now, I realize the content I find most valuable in a Dynamics CRM 4.0 Quick Reference is not necessarily the content you would've chosen. So, if you send an e-mail to me at I'll send the Word version of the document to you. You can then start with what I've done and tailor it to meet your needs. Of course, it would be great if you share your version with the CRM community as well!

Here's a list of the major sections I've chosen for version 1.0 of the quick reference:

Page 1

  • What's New in 4.0 ("Titan")

  • Selling Points

  • Major Product Components

  • CRM 4.0 Server Editions

  • Deployment Scenarios

  • On-Premise Requirements

  • Importing Data

  • Unsupported Customizations

  • Integration

  • Performance and Scalability

  • UI Customization (ISV.Config and SiteMap)

  • Miscellaneous

  • Reporting Options

  • Workflow

  • Outlook Client

  • E-mail Functionality

  • Core System Entities

  • Asynchronous Service

Page 2

  • Forms and Controls

  • SDK

  • Accessing CrmService (Sample Code)

  • IPluginExecutionContext Interface

  • Technologies

  • Plug-Ins (Plugins)

  • Workflow Assemblies

  • Entity Relationships