Thursday, March 1, 2018

Favorite Dynamics 365 (CRM and related) Articles and Tweets of the Day - 2018-03-01

Here are my favorite new and unique Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM (and related) tweets for today, filtered using Microsoft Azure Logic Apps, Functions and Flow.

Have a great day!

Twitter D365 Developer Extensions – Out of Beta #msdyn365 #msdyncrm

Twitter Advanced | Flow of the Week: Filtering Data with Odata #MSDyn365

Twitter Debugging Dynamics 365 Portals Server-side Code by @engineered_code #MSDyn365

Twitter PSA: The Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9 update requires an update to the field service and project service automation solution #msdyn365

Twitter SUPER NEW! Plugin Trace Viewer for @XrmToolBox can now tell you when there are new logs available, and even automatically refresh the view with log records as they are created in the system! Thanks to GitHub user aappddeevv for the suggestion! #MSDyn365

Twitter Check out a preview of a the new condition builder for #Azure @logicappsio. Looks pretty slick.

Twitter How to Cope with the new Dynamics 365 API Limits by @kingswaysoft #MSDyn365

Twitter Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s… …a #CRM personalization parody! #MSDyn365 #MSDynCRM #DynamicsCRM

Twitter #msdyn365 Open new form with fields pre-populated using Xrm.Navigation in D365: Introduction: Xrm.Navigation provides navigation related methods like openAlertDialog, openConfirmDialog, openErrorDialog, openFile etc. In this blog we will be discussing… 

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