Friday, February 9, 2018

Favorite Dynamics 365 (CRM and related) Articles and Tweets of the Day - 2018-02-09

Here are my favorite new and unique Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM (and related) tweets for today, filtered using Microsoft Azure Logic Apps, Functions and Flow.

Have a great weekend!

Twitter Finished Part 2 of my Future Proofing series. In this post I take a look why keeping the roadmap in mind is so important when implementing & configuring #Microsoft #Dynamics365 CE. #Msdyn365

Twitter Machine learning implementation strategy for a customer service center #MSDyn365

Twitter "Deleting a lot of records fast" by @crmgustaf

Twitter In order event processing with #AzureFunctions

Twitter Integrate Power apps with Azure Cognitive Service and Dynamics CRM using MS Flow #MSDYN365 by @MSD365blocks

Twitter If you want to be serious with #microsoftflow you need to take a look at the Workflow Definition Language for Logic Apps

Twitter Using the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook from Your Phone #MSDYN365

Twitter #MSDyn365 friends, check out @theBaconBytes for some great how-to videos!

Twitter Listening to some good old @hollywoodundead while i build my #Msdyn365 Demo. This is why I don't think what I do is "Work" I love this feeling. Awesome tech, AMAZING music and a good amount of beer :D

Twitter Migrating Dynamic 365 Multi Select Option Set Field data: #MSDYN365

Twitter Nice overview of new #MicrosoftTeams apps from January #Office365 #MicrosoftFlow

Twitter Now that is a podcast! Listen to our #Azure #Cloud boss @scottgu share his thoughts on cloud native apps, from #IaaS to #PaaS to #Serverless #CosmosDB and Logic Apps

Twitter Did you know? #AzureFunctions input bindings can use data from the trigger to fetch data from services like #AzureStorage and @AzureCosmosDB!

Twitter Are you designing a #CosmosDB database? This summary will help w/ some of the key aspects to keep in mind

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