Thursday, February 1, 2018

Favorite Dynamics 365 (CRM and related) Articles and Tweets of the Day - 2018-02-01

Here are my favorite new and unique Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM (and related) tweets for today, filtered using Microsoft Azure Logic Apps, Functions and Flow.

Thanks to everyone for your Tweets! They help consultants like me to keep up with D365 news, procedures, events, products, code, ideas, etc.

Since I've automated this blog using various Azure components, it doesn't take me any more time each day to post this list of Tweets. I mainly use it as a way to search back for articles that might help me or my teammates on a current project.  It's also fun to look back on how this product we all use has grown and changed over the years.

And now, today's Tweets that I've found especially helpful...

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